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Thomas Brouillard

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Thom Brouillard

A Citrus County resident since 2015, Thom resides in Terra Vista of Citrus Hills. He is no longer a newcomer but still a recent enough arrival to understand and help to relieve the stress that accompanies the challenges of moving into or leaving your home. Thom knows what it is like to buy or sell your home and is always available to answer your questions.

A graduate engineer (BsCE), Thom started his first small heating and air-conditioning company in Columbus, Ohio when he was just 21 years old. Subsequently, he was recruited to join the international division of Liebert Corporation in 1981 and relocated to Europe in 1983. He worked for large multinational companies such as Emerson Electric and American Power Conversion with responsibilities for Europe, Middle East and African markets. He is energy conscious and obtained a world-wide patent on energy efficient cooling systems for high density data centers. Now, finding retirement a little too quiet, but not missing the corporate world, Thom has established his second career in real estate with Waybright Real Estate, Inc.

An enthusiastic supporter of local activities he is a volunteer for the YMCA kid's triathlon. In his stage debut at the Valerie Theater, Inverness, Thom took on the role of the eccentric Mr Paravicini in Agatha Christie's play Mousetrap. The production raised $4000 for the Citrus County Education Foundation.

For fun Thom enjoys driving his 1940 Packard. He is a member of the Florida Packard Club as well as the local Citrus County Cruisers club. He frequents the many and varied local restaurants, preferring them to the national chains. Among his favorite things are sunrises and sunsets, kayaking, running and maintaining a healthy life style at the Terra Vista Bella Vita fitness center.

I am results oriented, I will work hard for you, and I would appreciate the opportunity to represent you.

Planning a trip to Europe? I've lived there for 30 years and am always happy to share my insight and experience with you. Auch, ich freue ich mich Deutsch zu sprechen!

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